The line of Durin would not be so easily broken

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For the sake of my professional life, I am minimizing my online presence. Do not repost or redistribute anything. This also applies to posting searches on various comms asking people to send you things. Seriously, stop please.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM or comment on this post. Anon comments are fine. Or you can go to my tumblr (same username as here) and drop me an ask— I've enabled anonymous asks.

Since I've had several people ask, I'll just put this here: I have removed everything from the internet entirely. I am not distributing copies to any person for any reason. No exceptions. I will not be posting anything new publicly. I will not be republishing anything in the future.

I've turned off notifications of when people add me as a friend. So if you want me to add you, you'll have to communicate with me in some way!

However, I've jumped into the world of making graphics, and so far there's nothing I can't share. So graphics I make will be public! Graphics below are not by me, they are by various extremely awesome 1_million_words members as rewards for various challenges I've completed over there.

 photo scraplove-1.jpg

 photo 34677_600-1.jpg

 photo ScraploveMarchBingoChallengeBanner.jpg

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 photo ScraploveBanner.jpg

 photo 417656_original.jpg

 photo scraplove_1.jpg

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 photo august2014-scraplove.jpg

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